After Surgery Care

After Surgery Care for Your Pet

When you pick your pet up after surgery, you will be given instructions for the in home care of your pet. Our veterinarian and technician will go over your pet’s discharge instructions in detail with you. We will answer all of your questions so that you are comfortable with the care your pet will need. We will also show you the best way to lift or support your pet if needed. In addition to the instructions given to you and your pet, please remember:

Restrict Your Pet's Physical Activities

Pets recovering from surgery should be allowed outdoors only to relieve themselves. They should be restricted from playing with other pets or children as advised by your veterinarian. Sometimes we recommend crate rest for your pet. Rest and restricted physical activity are important for pets recovering from surgery.

Medication for Your Pet

Be sure to give your pet the prescribed medication in the proper dose at the proper time. Since certain drugs, especially painkillers, can slow your pet’s reflexes, please be sure to watch your pet carefully to prevent injury.

Monitor Your Pet's Incision

Watch your pet’s surgical site carefully for any signs of excessive bruising, losing, odors, heat, pain, or redness. If something doesn’t “look right” call us or your regular veterinarian immediately. Please do not allow your pet to scratch or chew at the sutures or bandage. If he does, an Elizabethan collar may be necessary to prevent your pet from chewing the wound.

Follow Up Veterinary Care

Follow-up care is extremely important for pets who have had a surgical procedure. Please be sure to keep your follow-up appointments with us or your regular veterinarian as requested by our veterinarian

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